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Bread Talk

Menu Catalogue Book Design, Art Direction in Photography, and Packaging Design. Photographer: Himawan Sutanto


Branding, Photography. Design 


Bread Talk



Art Direction, Branding, Design layout - Breadtalk Catalogue 2019

Breadtalk Packaging - Illustration 2019

Art Direction, Branding, Design layout - Breadtalk Catalogue 2016

Breadtalk Anniversary Invitation 2016


BreadTalk is one of the pioneer franchise F&B from Singapore that is well known for the bread floss to begin with and many other bread varieties. Along the year, BreadTalk was expanding the variant to cakes. The cakes weren't as popular as the bread and lack of advertisement. To boost the sales, Bread Talk decided to take a total revamped on 2016 by redesigning the current catalogue with emphasizing on the cake collection features.



Cake Styling Revamp, Photo shoot, and Redesign the catalogue

Following that prompt, the cake photoshoot need to be renewed with the new looks of cake collection that still resonates with Bread Talk audience with a little twist to keep the relevancy to the broader cake market brand competitor. So I worked with the cake artisan to created the new cake looks and new food photographer to give a fresh look after years of same photographer and layout design. I assisted as an Art Director in the two days photo shoot along with the photographer, cake artisan and stylist. At last, I'm designing the catalogue with clean fresher look to make the cake stand out the most.

Cakes Wonderland event

The new look was a success launched at the 13th BreadTalk Anniversary events at Gandaria City. I also help to do the invitation and decorate the place ( picture is not available ). The cake design still remains until today.


Redesign the catalogue & Photo Shoot

On 2019, I remade the catalogue design with more cake variants and new look. The theme this time is playing with soft pastel color and still emphasize on the cake as the main focus. 

The packaging design
I also design the Christmas and New Year packaging that was inspired by famous Christmas flower Poinsettias. The Mexican Poinsettias is used during Christmas decoration and bloomed during Christmas time in North America. The shape of the poinsettia flower and leaves are sometimes thought as a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem which led the Wise Men to Jesus. The red colored leaves symbolize the blood of Christ. The white leaves represent his purity. 

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