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Tante Hebring

Tante Hebring's (Wow Aunty's) story is inspired by my daily encounter with mid age women in Indonesia
What they like and dislike, their usual habits, daily life with all the drama, charms and perks

Published at Indomedia tabloid in Australia with Indonesian transcript.


Comic Illustration





Tante Hebring Ep 01

Tante Hebring Ep 02-06


Collaboration work with Indomedia in creating Tante Hebring's comic strip in Bahasa Indonesia for 6 series. Indomedia is an independent tabloid targeted for an Indonesian living in Australia.




Tante Hebring's family : Mr. Akbar & Youngest Son Mr. Rambo

Tante Hebring's best friend : Mrs. Mona
The Cameo character: The barber, Rambo's friend and Yoga teacher


EP 01  - JANUARY : "Nama Eke Hebring"/ "My Name is Hebring"
The introduction of Tante Hebring character as the main character. It starts with her morning yoga activities, getting ready, shopping, to preparing family dinner by night.


EP 02 - FEBRUARY : "Pulo Cinta" / "The Isle of Love"
The month of love photo competition to win a couple trip at private island "Pulo Cinta" at Sulawesi Island.​ With the help of the son as the photographer, she managed to won the competition. Without the son knowing that he can't go together with the parents to get the prize because it's restricted for couple only.

EP 03- MARCH : "Balada Sasak" / "Bad Hair Day"

Based on habit of Indonesian auntie who loves to go to hair salon to do some iconic huge hair styling that is known for the status symbol, the higher the hair blow styling, the higher your status in society.

EP 04 - APRIL : "Tipuan Online"/ "Online Shop Frauds"

After being guilty on last Feb, Tante Hebring is planning to give the son a sneaker as a surprise gift. Rambo was excited at first, til the phone rang and his friend said that he just sold his fake sneakers to someone that has similar name to his mom.

EP 05 - MAY : "Kue Papi Akbar" / "Akbar's Cake"

Tante Hebring has an idea to make a special cake for her husband. While she was looking at the recipe, she becomes excited herself and she can't decide which one to make. So she has a brilliant cheeky idea to buy the cake instead of making one. Luckily that day there's a special buy 1 get 1, so she decided to get one for her and one for her husband.

EP 06 - JUNE : "Gagal Kurus" / "Fail Diet Plan"

Tante Hebring and bestie Mona went to Yoga class. She hasn't been to the class for a while and during the class she was exhausted. So. she made an excuse going to the toilet and never return back to the class. She was running away to eat chicken noodle at the nearest hawker place.


Isabel Iskandar as my partner in illustrating the concept and writing the comic together.

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